Best Indoor Bike Trainers

So you love biking but with the weather turning cold outside, the idea of biking out in the open does not seem too great. For all the lovers of biking, indoor bike trainers are a great option especially when biking outside poses new challenges every day. Bad weather and uncontrollable interruptions are just a few to begin with. High volume of traffic can make biking unpleasant and irritating. And then there are health and safety hazards that concern you when you take your bike out. For those who are aspiring a mountain biking expedition, finding mountains for practicing can be a task bigger than mountain biking. And yet finding the right kind of steepness and resistance while practicing is too much to ask for.
Best Indoor Bike Trainers

All challenges of outdoor biking can be overcome with the help of a mountain bike trainer.Indoor bike trainers are fixed to the rear wheel of a bike in able to ride the bike while it is stationary. Very commonly used by professional bikers for warm up before races, these equipment are now becoming popular amongst biking lovers for all the benefits they provide.
The biggest advantage of using a bike trainer over stationary bike is that it provides resistance creating the same impact that normal biking would create. Hence they can be used for all cardio and power exercises similar to regular biking. Most bike trainers can in fact be adjusted to increase the resistance on the wheels. This in turn means more effort and strength needs to be used by the bike rider which can increase the difficulty level of the exercise.

There are different technologies which are being used to create the resistance provided by bike trainers. Depending on the technologies and the resistance provided, bike trainers can be classified into different categories.
Wind resistance – Bike trainers using wind resistance have a fan that provides resistance to the rear tire. This fan is powered by the pedaling of the biker and hence the resistance increases as the speed increases. These trainers create a very realistic riding experience as if the biker is riding on road. However, the resistance cannot be increased too much. Plus these trainers make quite a bit of noise.
Magnetic Resistance – Magnetic resistance is more advanced technology used in trainers where a magnetic flywheel is used to create the resistance. These trainers make much lesser noise when in operation but the resistance provided by them is limited. There are chances of the trainer breaking when the resistance limits are reached.
Fluid resistance – These trainers are some of the most advanced and are on the higher end of the price range. The trainers have a fluid chamber which operates in combination with the magnetic flywheel. This provides high resistance range along with the flexibility to increase or decrease the resistance. Noiseless in operation, these trainers can only get damaged due to constant heating and cooling of the liquid that can cause leakages.
Centrifugal resistance – There are centrifugal pressure plates present in these trainers that provide resistance against the rear tire rotation.

Trainers using centrifugal resistance are very quiet in operation
The prices vary by the type of resistance used in a trainer, with wind trainers being the least expensive and fluid trainers are more expensive.

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There are good trainers on the market at lower price range’s starting from $45.00 and up. All it requires is an understanding of what you are looking in a trainer. There are however some general things to keep in mind while buying an indoor trainer.
Sturdiness – The material of the trainer needs to be sturdy to be able to bear weight and last long.
Stability – Check the base of the trainer to ensure that it remains stable even if you bend sideways while on the cycle. Wider bases are generally more stable and should be chosen over narrow bases.
Assembly mechanism – The trainer should be easy to assemble or clamp and remove. It is preferable to opt for a trainer that does not require the Tyre to be removed.
Replaceable parts – he trainer could have some electronic fittings to the frame. Check whether the electronic parts alone can be replaced over time if the frame remains study and good.

Indoor bike trainers are evolving to become interactive and even virtual reality trainers with sensors and simulators are now hitting the market. It is essential to gauge the purpose, requirement and usage of a trainer to make sure you purchase one that keeps you biking for long.